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Jyrki Kontio
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Competence Areas

Software Capability

  • Software capability analysis
  • Software capability development and improvement
  • Management of capability development programs

Team-building and coaching

  • Management system development for IT organizations
  • Management team couching
  • Facilitation of team-building events

Software business

  • How to manage a software company successfully
  • Strategy formulation
  • Business models
  • Business capability creation and development
  • Technical due diligence reviews
  • Value-based software engineering


  • Selling of research projects to industry
  • Identifying customer needs and developing and strong value proposition to match them
  • Management of sales process and sales activity

Software risk management

  • Methods, techniques and tools for software risk management
  • Using risk management in project management
  • Risk management system development
  • Risk management coaching
  • Risk management competence development

Process improvement

  • Methods and guidelines for identification of improvement needs
  • Planning improvements and implementing improvement programs.  

Management of software processes and projects

  • Process asset management
  • Project planning
  • Project control
  • Project management methods and techniques.

Process management and modeling

  • Process ownership and responsibilities
  • Documenting the software process, information content, notations
  • Use of process models for workflow support. 

Technology and R&D management

  • How to introduce new technologies,
  • How to initiate and manage R&D projects
  • How to make sure that R&D efforts support business needs
  • Protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) associated with research results and software. 

Software reuse and component based development

  • Understanding and modeling the process of reuse
  • reuse of the software processes 
  • The OTSO method is often cited as one of the first and most comprehensive methods for COTS selection; also frequently cited in the SEI reports on COTS as well as cited as “seminal work” in the area

Knowledge management

  • How to elicit and model knowledge of a corporation
  • How to validate and generalize such knowledge
  • How to package and disseminate such knowledge.

Empirical research methods

  • Defining research approaches that efficiently utilize empirical information, both qualitative and quantitative