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Jyrki Kontio
Jyrki Kontio

I am an entrepreneur, consultant and innovator with passion for software business.

I solve software business and innovation capability challenges for a living at R & D-Ware Oy but I also serve as a board member in companies of various sizes, sometimes investing my time and money to boost innovation to the market.

As a business angel, I am an active, hands-on investor. I help my portfolio companies to focus their strategy, execute the strategy, and create agile yet scalable business practices. I have invested in the following companies:

Klevu.com Semantic, deep and self-learning search box solution for web stores.
CloudBounce.com Mastering of songs in the cloud in a few minutes.
Musopia.net Easy and fun way to learn to play an instrument
Aitokaiku.com  Creating personal music and soundscapes of your own inspiration and situation
Mubik.net Musical puzzle and game that allows lets everyone experience the magic of playing music. Mubik also supports music based therapy for seniors and people with cognitive disabilities.
PlayMySong.com The ultimate juke box on your mobile device for parties and nights out.

Streaming live interactive rock shows to your living room.

Sporttv.fi Streaming live pay-per-view sport events to your home.

My professional mission is to make success happen.

These pages contain information about my background, papers and presentations, as well as more personal content (photos, music - it is personal, so bear with me ;-) on software business and life in general. You are welcome to browse around or participate in the
blog discussions.

I believe personal development as an innovator requires expanding your personal envelope every now and then. This is the outcome of one such outreach.

I am also an amateur musician and my living room turns into Dr.Groove Club once a month.

I've recently started blogging (in Finnish) on the restaurants and cousine that I enjoy: Stadin maut - Studying Mouth

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Jyrki Kontio